Portland (Weekly update 2)

group of us traveling to Oregon together at SLC
group of us traveling to Oregon together at SLC
view from the plane
view from the plane

A few words that you might not understand.

MTC (Mission Training Center)
Investigator (a person who is interested in or investigating joining the church)
Mission President/ wife (A husband and wife couple that is in charge of all the missionaries in the area)
Branch President (church member that is in charge of the congregation in the area similar to a pastor or minister)

Hello all.
So I’ll just take everybody from where I left off.
Friday: We had in-field orientation at the MTC where they basically train you how to apply what you learned in your classes on how to teach people and they teach you how to find people to teach and how to talk to people and how to get referrals etc. It was just a long lecture type session all day and was just long and tedious.
Saturday: I was super sad because it hit me that I had to leave all of the guys that I had gotten super close to. Also, we had our final lesson with all our investigators and every single one was a swing and a miss. Lawanna didn’t show up. We asked Josh to be baptized and he said he would think about it and pray but didn’t want to give up alcohol and Elder Rushforth pushed him a little too hard and the lesson ended on a bad note. We also asked Andrea to get baptized but she wasn’t sure and said she would pray, but this time we learned not to push too hard. My teachers, Sister Jones and Brother Mills were really cool and they should both earned medals for having to put up with our class.
Sunday: It was my last day at the MTC and it was a nice last day and a good note to leave on. We had branch counsel where we trained the new ZL’s (Zone Leaders) and DL’s(district leaders) and then we had a really good sacrament meeting where they talked about enduring to the end. After we had priesthood and I conducted since I was the ZL. After that we got to go to walk around the Provo temple for the last time. That night, Stephen B Allen from the 70 and the missionary department spoke to us and it was really good, followed by getting to watch an old, fiery MTC devotional from David A Bednar about becoming a missionary and he spoke very bluntly and honestly. It’s very apparent that he cares a lot about missionary work and he tells it like it is. Later we just packed and went to bed to get ready to get up that morning.
Monday: We woke up at 3AM to go to the SLC airport. I got to call home from the airport and it was so nice to get to talk to my parents again. We flew out at 7:30 and after a two hour flight we got there. The mission president was supposed to meet us at the airport but there was some miscommunication and two other missionaries showed up to pick us up instead. We met the President at the Portland temple and took a photoshoot and then went to the local stake center for interviews and an orientation. One of the President’s counselors asked if anyone spoke any Spanish and I told him I spoke a bit. We were then assigned our first companion and trainers and President changed me to a Spanish mission and I got assigned to a Spanish Elder. President said this might just be temporary, so we’ll see. My companion’s name is Elder Mugleston and he is a real nice guy from Utah. His Spanish is good and he has been training me pretty well. We were assigned to open a new area so we don’t currently have anybody to teach and we don’t have an apartment. We drove around the area to find doors to knock on where we might find people and then we met with the Branch President and had ice cream sundaes at his house. He reminded me a lot of Gabriel Iglesias, but he was a really nice guy with a really strong testimony. Last night we slept over with some English elders in the area.
So Portland is really strange and the people here are really different. I’m stressed out because I hardly know any Spanish and don’t have a place to live, but I know I’ll be fine. I just have to pray a lot and trust in the Lord!
Looking forward to getting to updating y’all next week!
Love y’all! Have a good week!
Elder Davies


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