Soy un Misionero de la Igelsia de JesuCristo de los Santos de los Ultimas Dias (Weekly Email 3)‏‏

my companion and I in front of the famous sign
My companion and I in front of the famous sign

Hola ustedes, (ustedes is Spanish for yall).
So I’m officially a Spanish missionary. I spoke to my Mission President on Thursday and he said that they were expecting another Spanish elder that never came and when they were trying to find someone to fill the spot, I was their guy. So I’m learning Spanish now. I ordered some Spanish nametags so they should be here soon.
So last Tuesday was *p-day and we went into Downtown Portland where all the crazy stuff goes down. A lot of homeless people said hi to us and a guy asked us about the church while rolling a joint. We also got yelled at by a crazy old homeless dude and he was all up in our faces. It was sweet. We went to a super dope Nike store here (Nike headquarters is here so they have all the newest stuff and it’s usually discounted) and then went to get doughnuts at a famous doughnut shop here. It was called Voodoo doughnuts. I got one of the tamer kinds, which was a maple doughnut with bacon on top. It was super good.
Everybody here is used to missionaries coming from Utah so being a southern boy here is like being a unicorn. It’s great. People keep making me say y’all.
Since we are opening a new area we have just been driving around a lot to find places to **tract and we did some tracting Friday and Saturday. The Hispanic people here are super humble and they are really nice to talk to. Also, the Spanish elders here are super close and all the other guys are really nice and have been helping me out with the language.
Since we are new, we don’t know any of the members here and we only had one dinner appointment the last week. My comp and I have been living off of peanut butter and jelly and instant pasta here.
We went to church yesterday and set up dinners for this week so we will be fed and a lot of people promised traditional Spanish food. I’m stoked. Also, there were like 8 members at church, not including the missionaries, so we did everything. I had to say the closing prayer in Spanish and it was super intimidating, but I hope people understood.
We have been doing well though. No apartment, but were getting one this week and were going to be teaching some lessons.
The Spanish people here are super humble. The white people are crazy. Portland is weird.
Have a good week y’all.
Elder Davies

*p-day – (prep day) to get laundry done, go shopping, run errands, etc.

**tract – to go out and look for potential people and areas to teach people


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