Tracting and tracting and tracting: Weekly Update‏ 4

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Hello all.

I’ll begin this edition of the weekly update with the last P-Day. Last
Monday we went to Mollala to ride go-carts at an investigators house.
Mollala is basically is one of the next towns over and it’s more rural
and there is a lot of farmland there. We don’t cover that area but we
always hang out with the Spanish elders that do cover the area so they
invited us over. The investigators name was Jose and he’s an old
Spanish cowboy from Mexico. The family wasn’t actually there, but they
have a go-cart and they said we can come by whenever we want and ride
it so we got some pizzas, got a can of gas and went out to ride the
go-cart at his walnut orchard. It was super sweet. I have a picture of
me driving but it’s on my camera so I’ll send it when I can get on a
computer. That night we went to a members house and had ceviche, which
is a traditional South American dish made by soaking raw fish in lemon
and lime juice. It was really good. I am loving the Hispanic food we
are having. Turning into a Spanish elder has its perks.

Tuesday we had a district meeting where we learned how to have more
productive studies. The building we met in is super old and has a
steeple that you can climb up in so after the meeting we went to the
top of the steeple. It’s kind of a ritual that all the elders in this
area do. You have to climb the steeple at the Mooreland building. It
was a little sketch, but it was cool. Elder Mugleston, Elder Cepeda
and I took a selfie there. I’ll attach it to this email.

Wednesday we went and set up our Facebook profiles for proselyting so
if any of yall see any fire Facebook posts from me, that’s what it is.
We also tracted a lot that day because we’re still trying to find more
people to actually teach. That night Hermano Alba, who is in the
Branch Presidency, took us to a Mexican restaurant here and we got to
watch a little baseball on the TV’s and they were also talking about
the upcoming college football season. I miss both. But he is a really
smart guy and we had some super cool conversations.

Thursday we went around to the nursing homes in the area to try and
find service to do. Our mission president wants us to do 10 hours of
service a week and volunteering at nursing homes is a great way help
the community and such. Then we tracted again. That night we ate at
the Branch Presidents house and he made Carolina barbecue ribs and
homemade cornbread. He obviously knows the way to my heart. It was
beautiful. The Lundgreen’s are such a solid family. And so are pretty
much all the members here.

Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Young (other Spanish elder here)
because my companion had to go to a leader training meeting. That
morning we went out to Damascus (small town in our area, more out in
the country) to help a family move. We worked there for a couple hours
and went back and went tracting with some English elders.

Saturday the branch was supposed to clean the church building but no
one showed up but the elders so the four of us cleaned the building by
ourselves. We tracted all day and that night we met with a less active
lady named Lory. She was super nice and she wants to go to church but
she works so much that she can’t. So we’re going to work with her a lot
more to try to get her to come back to church. Also it was the first
actual real lesson that we have had where we went into somebody’s
house and taught them. It was so much fun. I hope we find somebody to
teach soon.

Sunday we had church and I am starting to get a lot better with my
Spanish. I understood a lot and I prayed in Priesthood and it made
half sense. The word in Spanish for fish and sins is really close so
everybody has told me not to make that mistake so I’ve been careful.
But I am learning so much. I’ll be fluent one day. It’s so rewarding
to try to speak to somebody and they actually understand you.

It was a good week. Anyways, good luck yall. Nos vemos.

Love, Elder Davies

Elder Jeremiah Davies
Oregon Portland Mission
1400 NW Compton Dr Ste 250
Beaverton, OR 97006


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