Happy Halloween: Transfer 2, Week 4‏

As a Spanish elder, I felt obligated to take a picture with an El Camino.
As a Spanish elder, I felt obligated to take a picture with an El Camino.
A friend of mine sent me some grasshoppers to eat in the spirit of Halloween, and I ain't scared of no ghosts. Thanks Marianne.
A friend of mine sent me some grasshoppers to eat in the spirit of Halloween, and I ain’t scared of no ghosts. Thanks Marianne.
Eating the grasshoppers!!!!
Eating the grasshoppers!!!!
My mom sent me some decorations for our apartment, so here is our festive apartment.
My mom sent me some decorations for our apartment, so here is our festive apartment.

Hello everyone. Hope everybody had an exciting Halloween.

So this week was a little slow for us. We taught a lot of less actives *(people who don’t come to church that often)
this week, which isn’t bad but we didn’t have much progress with
investigators. We went to go visit the two guys that we set up
baptismal dates with and they were drunk (we haven’t talked about Word
of Wisdom yet) and they told us they didn’t want to get baptized or
meet with us anymore. We were devastated. So now we’re down to just
one baptismal date, and hopefully she keeps progressing.

On Friday, we went to a Harvest Festival chili cook-off for one of the
wards that we cover. We got to meet a lot of people and eat a lot of
chili and hot dogs and cornbread. Also, some of our less actives that
we’ve been trying to come to church showed up too so that was awesome
to see them there too.

On Saturday, Halloween day, we had another one of our Spanish Zone
meetings. It was really good. We talked a lot about how the scriptures
give us light and truth and if we use them to teach we can give people
a sense of hope and joy in their lives. It was a good meeting. After
the meeting, we went around to try to find people, but it was rainy
and Halloween and nobody really wanted to talk to us. We were supposed
to go to a Trunk-Or-Treat the stake put on, but it was raining super
hard so we decided not to go. So instead, that night we had dinner
with the Sopers and got to hang out with them and spend the evening
with their family. They are so awesome, and they treat us like we’re
part of the family.

On Sunday, we went to go teach some people and we had two lessons with
investigators that have been meeting with missionaries for a while,
and haven’t really been progressing. So we’ve been trying to help them
keep commitments and decide whether or not they really want the gospel
in their lives.

As a missionary, we always joke about being poor and not having money,
but we get $125 a month to spend on food and this week I budgeted out
really well and I decided to treat myself to some bacon. So I splurged
and I’ve been eating bacon for breakfast every day this week. The best
decision I’ve made in my life was to go on a mission. The second best
decision I have ever made was to buy bacon this week.

Back to being serious.

This week I learned that for Latter Day Saints, missionary work is
often romanticized. We often hear stories of people immediately
accepting the gospel and wanting to get baptized as soon as possible.
More often than not, this isn’t the case. While these stories do
happen, missionary work is generally more disappointment than success.
This week was hard for us, but I’m not looking for pity when I say
this, I only share this because this is what I have learned. But
despite the difficult times, miracles do happen. Hearts are softened
and minds are changed. I heard a quote this week that said “On your
mission, there will be more bad times than good, but the good times
will far outweigh the bad” and I have a testimony of this. Missionary
work is hard. It can be discouraging at times, but if we keep working
and doing what the Lord has asked us to do, He will help us out and
soften the hearts of the people. Our Mission President likes to say
that statistically it generally takes a person 7 or 8 chances to hear
the gospel before they will accept it. As members of the church, when
we share the gospel, we look for number 7 people who will accept it
right away when we tell them and we get discouraged if they don’t.
Sometimes we only share our message with those who we think will
accept it. It’s a system that sets us up for failure. My mission
president teaches that instead of searching for people to say yes to
our message, we should search for people to reject us. Look for people
to say no because if we do, we can’t be disappointed if they say no
and if they say yes then that’s so much better. Also, if we look for
people to say no then we are more willing to share our message with
anybody. The people we share our message with might not accept it when
you share it, but you might be number 4 or 5 for somebody, and
eventually they will get to number 7 or 8 and accept the message and
have the desire to join the fold of God. We are commanded to share
the gospel with everyone, not just those who we feel like might accept
it. I know that as we do this, we will be able to see hearts softened.
Miracles will happen.

Have a good week,
Elder Davies


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