First Week with Elder Kreitel: Transfer 3, Week 1

Hey y’all! Hope y’all had a good week. Here in Milwaukie, we got a
good amount of work done and had a good week.

So, let me tell you a little bit about my new companion. His name is
Elder Kreitel (Cry-Tell). He was born in the States, but he grew up in
Mexico, so he speak Spanish perfectly. He’s from Chihuahua from a
colony where Brigham Young sent saints to populate Mexico, so the
place where he lived was half white American descendants and the other
half was Hispanics. He grew up speaking Spanish and English in school,
so he’s fluent in both. He’s 6’6″ and he played basketball and
football in Mexico. He’s really cool and we are having a good time
working together.

This week we worked pretty hard to try to clean out our records of
investigators and such and find new people to talk to. Monday was our
transfers, so he came here and he unpacked and got settled in. We were
super busy that day because of transfers, so we got to have a little
bit of time Tuesday to finish up all the things we had to do. That’s
why last week’s letter was a little late.

Tuesday we got groceries for a little bit and went to work. That day
we basically went around to different places in the stake trying to
find people with potential. We knocked a lot of doors, got some return
appointments and after dinner that night, we had two lessons! One was
with an investigator named Tina, who is going though a tough time with
her health, and the other was Jessica, who was found by some other
elders and we were able to finally talk to her.

Wednesday we went tracting again and we were just trying to help Elder
Kreitel get a feel for his new area. We went and knocked some
apartments and found some people, then we had dinner with Hermano Alba
(the second counselor in the branch presidency. We talk about BYU
football all the time) and after dinner we went and visited a family
in the branch named the Zarates. We had a good lesson with them!

Thursday we went and ate breakfast with a senior couple that is in our
stake. They are serving in the Milwaukie ward, and they live in the
same apartment complex as us. They are from Alpine Utah and they are
so nice and they love the elders. They tell us we can go over anytime
we want and eat and talk with them. After breakfast, we went out to
work and had a lesson with a member named Dinhora. He has two really
young kids so it was fun to talk to her and play with her kids. We
also tracted a little bit that day, and that night we ate with the
Lundgreens, which is the Branch President and his family. They are
awesome and always like to feed us different types of exotic foods.

Friday we had district meeting, so we had a meeting with all the other
missionaries in our stake. We talked about how we can teach more
simply and help people understand the restoration and the gospel
better. It was good because sometimes we try and make lessons super
complicated, but we need to make it simple enough for them to
understand and be interested, and they can always learn more! That
night we ate with the Diaz family and we asked them if they would
invite someone they know to come over with us and learn more about the
gospel. They said they would, and we are going to check up on them
again soon.

Saturday we went out and went tracting again. We knocked some door and
were supposed to go to he temple visitor center to work on a Spanish
Christmas program we are going to have, but the people in charge
forgot to tell us when to meet, so it was a big mess and we didn’t
show up when we were supposed to, so we are going to go another day. I
was a little disappointed because I love every opportunity we get to
go to the temple, even if it is just the Visitor Center. There is such
an amazing spirit there and it’s such a holy and beautiful place. That
night we ate dinner with the Sopers and got to hang out with them.
They are so awesome and they love us and we love them. They are
planning on having us over for thanksgiving, so we’re so excited!

Sunday we had church and us missionaries taught Gospel Principles
again and I translated sacrament into English again for the English
families in our branch. Quick funny story: we don’t have a pianist, so
we usually just play Hymns from the Hymns app off of our iPad and hook
it up to an aux cord in the chapel. Well the person that translates
sits in the back and does the music too, so it was my job. We were
singing the opening hymn and I guess that it was too quiet because
Sister Soper (the music coordinator) turns around and tells me to turn
the volume up. So I picked up my iPad and turned the volume up, but
when I set my iPad down I accidentally swiped the screen and it went
on to the next song. So here we are, halfway through a song in
sacrament and the dork missionary in the back changes the song. So I
grabbed my iPad as quick as I could, switched the song back and
skipped ahead halfway through the song so they could pick up where
they left off. I was so embarrassed. I can’t believe that happened to
me. That’s stuff you hear stories about and say “I’m glad I’m not that
guy.” Well that was me. Anyways, the rest of the meeting went well (I
guess it couldn’t get worse) and everybody came up to me after and
told me how clutch I was fixing it, but I was still really
embarrassed. They were just saying that to make me not feel so bad.

Anyways, after church we went to teach a lesson to Randy, who has been
investigating the church for a while now. He has a lot of questions,
but right now we are just trying to get him to feel the spirit so he
can know that the Book of Mormon is true for himself. Then we went and
ate dinner with the Guerreros and went around trying to visit a lot of
people, but not many people responded.

Tune in next week to hear about our PDay today, when we went to
Boring, Oregon and went to Calamity Janes.

We had a good week and we are hoping we have a better week next week!
One of the things that Elder Kreitel and I like to do is take selfies
next to large bodies of water, so I’ll attach some of those.

Anyways, that’s all for me now! Hope y’all have a good Thanksgiving,
and remember to be grateful for all the many wonderful blessings that
we have, because we have been blessed with so much!

Also, Roll Tide this week!

Love y’all!
Elder Davies


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