Happy Thanksgiving!: Transfer 3, Week 2

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Hola a todos!

Our week was slow, missionary work wise because of the holidays. But our teaching pool now is a lot bigger now than it was before. We got three new investigators this week. We didn’t work much with our progressing investigators because we couldn’t get a hold of them, but we worked with potentials this week, and that’s why we got three new investigators.
One of the investigators is Alberto and we found him because we had always knocked his door and his wife would always answer and she was super against the church, so she would turn us away. But we went on Monday and he answered and he was busy cooking, but he told us to come back the next day, which is usually a sign that they’re not interested. We went back Tuesday night anyways, and he opened the door and immediately told us to come in and we taught the Restoration and he seemed really interested and was asking a lot of questions and when we gave him a BoM and asked if he would read he was super excited to learn more. He seems golden so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.
Another one of the three this week is Elfida. She’s a super nice older lady that we ran into knocking and she didn’t have much time to talk but we taught her a quick lesson and she asked us to come back when her whole family was there. We didn’t teach much, but she seemed interested.
The last we had was a lady named Delilah. We just ran into her knocking doors. She is nice and likes to talk and SUPER religious. We just went and talked with her on her door, but we stood there and talked for a while just about God and Jesus and stuff. She told us her husband is a pastor of a Hispanic Christian congregation (thank goodness we finally found some Hispanics who weren’t Catholic) and she told us to come back to talk about our church when he is home. He works a lot, like a lot of Hispanics so we can only find him like one day out of the week for like an hour amount of time.
That’s the thing that I’ve find is hard about being a Spanish missionary. The Hispanics generally work all the time. For the guys, they work from super early in the morning to generally late at night, so when we tract during the day, we mostly talk to women. And we can’t go in and teach a lesson if there’s not a man there. But if we can get a hold of the men, they are usually only available on the weekends or a very specific day at a very specific time. So we do A LOT of teaching on Sunday and some on Saturday, but other than that, we have to work with people’s schedules. It’s complicated, but we do our best.
It was super weird having thanksgiving on the mission, but I’m grateful that we had people that love us and take care of us here. In the morning we had a member of our branch that is YSA age take us out to breakfast. After breakfast we went and played flag football with one of the English wards here and it was fun! The missionaries from that ward invited us over and it was a bunch of super intense guys playing football, so of course, I was loving it. We played for a while and it was so much fun to play football again. I got a couple touchdowns and a pick six. My comp started calling himself Touchdown Kreitel so I started calling myself Pick Six Davies.
The Sopers has us Over for Thanksgiving. It was a little awkward at first because they had the rest of their family over too, but once we got comfortable with everybody and them with us it was fun. The food was good, but it was super different from a southern thanksgiving. They made a smoked turkey, mashed taters, stuffing , green beans, yam casserole (I called it sweet tater casserole because it was kinda the same thing and everybody made fun of me), salad, and then we had rolls and cornbread (they found out I love cornbread so they make it every time we come over). I was the only one to eat the cornbread, and Sister Soper just put the rest of the cornbread in a bag and sent it home with me, so I basically got a whole thing of cornbread to myself. But then for dessert we had an apple pie, a pumpkin cake thing and a banana cream pie. The apple pie and pumpkin cake were my favorites. It was awesome. She also sent us home with like half the leftovers, which we ate the next day. But we couldn’t go tracting or anything on Thanksgiving, so we just hung out with the Sopers pretty much all day. They made us take family pictures with them and stuff too. So we just hung out with them basically all afternoon and we went and played basketball that night with the other missionaries. We figured that if we were just gonna eat food all day (it was thanksgiving, of course) we might as well burn all of it off that we could. That’s why we played football in the morning and basketball that night. But let me tell you, I woke up the next day and was SO sore. I’m getting old.
But we had a good week. It was weird because of Thanksgiving, but it was good. A few random things: We found a horse haltered off to a tree to graze and we got super excited because Kreitel is a ranch kid and grew up on horses and I always wanted to be a cowboy so we took selfies by the horse. We also saw a giant blow up Keebler Elf in somebody’s front yard, so we took selfies with that too. Saturday was rivalry day and I wore my Alabama tie all day to support my Crimson Tide from the west coast. Roll Tide! But I’ll attach the pictures from this week. It was also super sunny this week and didn’t rain at all, but the weather says it’s gonna rain everyday this week, so we’re not looking forward to that. That’s really all I have!

Hope y’all have a good week! Love y’all.

Elder Davies


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