Mission Christmas Party and Visitor Center Singin: Transfer 3, Week 5


Hey y’all! This week was slow for us missionary work wise, but we had
a lot of stuff going on.

Last Monday we had a regular pday and the whole day we just ran around
town and did last minute Christmas shopping, sending stuff home and
etc. On Tuesday night we had a lesson with a family that had talked to
missionaries last year, but for some reason or another stopped seeing.
They we’re really receptive to our message and they told us that we
could come back and we’re going to see them tomorrow. On Wednesday we
went to go see our investigator with cancer. She is always really
sweet and she has a great heart and we want to see her progress so
bad. Thursday we had a regular day, and the people we normally have
dinner with bailed on us because they went to go see Star Wars so that
night our entire Elders Quorum went to go visit the people in our
branch that are struggling, especially during the Christmas time and
we had some really great visits. Friday we had a mission wide
Christmas party where we all got together and we all got to hang out
as a mission! It was a lot of fun! We made our own version of the 12
Days of Christmas and we each had to come up with a day for the song
and as Spanish our addition to the song was eleven Virgin Marys (it’s
funny if you know Spanish people). After all the fun, we went and had
a devotional about Christmas and  it was super wonderful and spiritual.
On Saturday we had a fairly regular day until that night when we went
to the temple visitor center and we put on a Spanish Christmas program
where we sang Christmas carols and read things about Christmas. We
were also supposed to wear our ugly Christmas sweaters and I borrowed
a super shiny Christmas sweater that Sister Soper made with tinsel and
ornaments and stuff on it. Let’s just say that I looked dang good.
Sunday we had regular church and we taught Sunday school and I
translated sacrament meeting and after we had a lesson with Randy, who
has been investigating for a long time but hasn’t really progressed
that much, so we’re trying to get him going. It was a good week, but
everybody has been nuts because of Christmas and Star Wars, so we all
just need to slow down and remember that Christ is the real reason for

I have really come to love the new #HaNacidoUnSalvador
(#ASaviorIsBorn) video because we have been showing the videos to
pretty much everybody we have been coming in contact with. I love the
video because it tells the Christmas story found in Luke, but it is
told through kids from all around the world. If you think about it,
kids are the most pure and innocent of us all and they are the ones
that have the strongest faith. The scriptures tell us that we need to
become like little children, and that’s why I think that the church
decided to use children to tell the message of the coming of the Savior
into the world. This week, let us remember the real reason for
Christmas and let’s rise above all the stress and commercialism and
let us remember how the Savior humbly entered the world over two
thousand years ago. But let us not only remember Him this time of
year, but let us remember Him all throughout the year and everything
that He did for us. It’s not bad to have trees and presents and Santa
and stuff, but let us remember the true meaning for Christmas.

I know that He lives. I know that He came into this world to save us
and He did. I am so very grateful to Him. Let us remember the true
meaning of Christmas.

I love y’all and I hope y’all have a very merry Christmas!

Love, Elder Davies
Christmas party Selfie.
The Spanish elders at the Visitor Center.


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