Puppies: Transfer 4, Week 2‏

Hello everyone! Hope y’all are doing well.

Things are going well here in OC! We have a really solid teaching pool
and we have some solid investigators and we are seeing a lot of
success and miracles.

We found a guy this week named Kevin. He’s a super golden investigator
and we’re really excited for him. So we knocked into his wife and she
wasn’t really interested, but we left a Book of Mormon and he took it
and the next time we came back he came and talked to us. So basically,
he’s going through a lot of hard times in his life, and he hasn’t
really gone into too many details with us, but he has been to jail a
lot and he was into gangs and drugs and he currently has an ankle
bracelet, but he really wants to change his life and he doesn’t want
to go back to that, so he wants to talk to us so he can get into
church and religion and find more peace in his life. Anyways, we asked
him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon (we ask everybody, but
nobody ever does it) and he read the introduction, the testimony of
the witnesses, Joseph Smiths testimony, and the first couple chapters
of Nephi. We were seriously so blown away. It was amazing. And he was
asking us questions and it was an awesome lesson. He told us that he
wanted to come to church with us, but he couldn’t come yesterday
because he had to go see a judge or something, but we’re super excited
for him.

Tuesday night we had dinner with a family and they have a bunch of
puppies and we got to play with the puppies and they were SO CUTE.
Tuesday night we also had Book of Mormon class and we read a chapter
from Mosiah and we discussed the chapter. It went well.

On Wednesday we had interviews with president and he told me what was
going on with Spanish and his plan for me. He said he wants to keep me
Spanish till I’m fluent and comfortable because he wants me to go to
English and train (somewhere in the future, not soon) but come back to
Spanish but he doesn’t want me to go to English and lose all my
Spanish so I’m going stay Spanish for a while. So thats good. Also, I
asked him if we could go to the BYU basketball vs Portland game this
week and this is how the conversation went:
President- So, Elder Davies, do you have any questions or concerns for me?
Me- Well President, I have one question. If we can find members to
take us, can we have permission to go to the BYU basketball game next
President- Well, quite frankly, no.
Me- But president, it’s the Lords team…
President- You’re telling that to a U of U (University of Utah) guy
Me- President, I can testify that if you sincerely ask the Lord for
forgiveness, he will forgive you.
President- *Chuckles* That was a good try, but still no.
Me- I figured it was worth a shot.

So that’s how that went. I got shot down. Wednesday night the Soper family
came down to take us out to dinner! It was awesome to see them again!
After dinner we had ward correlation down in Mollala and we talked
about the work in the branch and stuff.

Thursday we met with an investigator who was a blacksmith who makes
swords and stuff. There is a lady in our branch who is a piano
teacher, and she taught him and she gave us the referral to go see
him. He was a cool guy, and he makes swords and knives and stuff. We
shared a quick message and left because we had another appointment. We
also met with another investigator who is infamous throughout all the
Spanish missionaries in the whole mission. This guys name is Jose and
he is basically the holy grail for the Spanish missionaries. He’s like
50 years old and he’s an old Mexican cowboy who has a big orchard and
a huge farm. He’s been investigating the church for like 3 years and
he is basically already a member. Like, he could have been baptized 3
years ago because he has a super strong testimony and he lives all the
commandments, but he isn’t married. Like, he’s living with his
“girlfriend” and they have like 7 kids and like 4 grandkids, but him
and his “girlfriend” aren’t married. And he wants to get married so he
can get baptized, but she doesn’t want to, so the missionaries have
been working with them for a long time. He told us that his wife
doesn’t really want anything to do with the church, so that’s the
struggle. But he reads, he comes to church like every week, he has us
over all the time so he’s an awesome dude, but he needs to get
married. So the missionaries before me set up a date for him and his
wife to get married at the end of this month, so hopefully they follow
through. And the good thing was that before we thought his wife didn’t
want anything to do with us, but she came to church by herself
yesterday and we were SO EXCITED for that. Sometimes I think God has a
sense of humor, but we’re slowly working with them to get them to get

Friday morning we went to go do service for a food pantry in
Milwaukie and it was super weird going back to M-town. But Elder
Buhler woke up super sick, so we went on a split with some other
missionaries so Elder Buhler could stay and get some rest with another
missionary who was sick, while I went with his companion. So we went
to this food pantry and put together food boxes for homeless people
for like 2 hours. It was nice to do service for people that really
needed it, and it was also super humbling to see how little these
people had. Sometimes we forget that.

Saturday we had a missionary meeting with the stake leaders in the
morning and they gave us breakfast and we talked about how they could
help us in our respective areas. Later that day, I got a SUPER bad
headache and so I just crashed out for a couple hours and then we went
out and tried to visit some people but we didn’t really talk to
anybody, so that all we did Saturday.

Sunday we had church bright and early at 9. We were late because it’s
a struggle to take showers in the morning with 4 dudes and we had to
drive 30 minutes to Mollala, so we were a little late, but the service
was good. We met in the primary room (childrens church), so it was super small, but we
packed that room. We had twice as many people in church that we had in
Milwaukie, and what I love about here is that there are families here.
In Milwaukie, we only had like one actual Spanish family, but here, it
was all families with kids and stuff and I really liked that.
Yesterday was testimony meeting and it went super well. And we didn’t
have to translate into English, so that was different too. But it was
a really good service and Jose AND his wife came so it was awesome.
And then we had Sunday school and we didn’t have to teach so it was
super different than what I’m used to, but it was good. The teacher is
Hermana Casas and she always feeds us on Tuesdays (she’s the one with
the puppies), but she’s a really good teacher and makes everyone get
involved in the lessons. After that we had priesthood in the kitchen
because all the other classrooms were taken, but it was a good lesson!
The priesthood teacher was Hermano Casas and he did a great job too
and we talked about the lessons on Howard W Hunter.

After church we went and visited some people. We went to go see Jose
and tell them that we LOVED seeing them both at church. Then we went
to go knock some doors and nobody answered, so we were getting
discouraged, but we visited another investigator named Eddie. So Eddie
is like 21 and he doesn’t really have any friends and he came from the
streets in California and his family has a restaurant and all he does
is work for his family. So because he has no real friends, whenever we
come over he just talks for like 2 hours and tells us all of his
problems and stuff. And I feel bad for the dude, because he’s had it
rough, but he has a lot of faith and we see a lot of potential in him
and we are excited to see him have his life changed by the gospel.

But that was really all for my week. But I’ve been enjoying here in OC
and I have learned a lot, especially how to cook Mexican food. One
day, I made sopes, which is basically a deep fried thick tortilla with
beans and stuff on it. It was so good. But that’s really all.

I love y’all! Have a great week!




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