I love Mollala: Transfer 4, Week 3‏

Hey y’all! I’m back again. Hope y’all had a good week! So this week’s
email is gonna be kinda short because it was just a regular week, but
it was good too.

So, the work is going well! For once on my mission, I actually feel
somewhat fluent and that’s such a good feeling. Like, I know that I’m
not completely fluent because I still have a lot more vocabulary to
learn, but Elder Buhler and I have been trying to talk Spanish
together as much as we can and I have been taking the lead in lessons
and on doorsteps and talking to people and I have actually had people
ask me where I’m from because my Spanish is so good. And I still have
a lot more vocabulary to learn, but it feels super good to know that
my hard work up until this point has paid off. It’s a weird to
explain, but it’s such a cool thing. But learning Spanish has
seriously WRECKED my English because I’ve gotten to the point when I
can naturally think in Spanish and it screws with my English so bad.
Because I’ll just be talking in English and I won’t be able to
remember the word or I’ll accidentally say the word in Spanish and I
won’t realize then people will look confused and I realize and go back
and correct myself. Or I’ll talk in English and use the grammatical
form for Spanish and it won’t make sense in English but it makes sense
in my head. I don’t know how to explain it, but learning Spanish has
messed with my English. I just think it’s funny.

It’s also interesting because the entire time while I’ve been on my
mission, we haven’t really worked with English missionaries much, so
they just think we stay at home and eat tacos and wear sombreros and
stuff. But this transfer we’ve been working a lot more with the
English missionaries and we’ll go visit a Spanish speaker that the
English people found and we’ll talk to them in Spanish and the English
missionaries will be like “wow were so impressed by y’alls Spanish. We
always see y’all talking in English and stuff and we never thought
y’all could actually speak Spanish so were impressed.” Booyah, English

But all this week we just met with our people. Nothing really too
crazy or special happened. We had a fairly regular week. On Saturday
we did service for a park out here and we pulled up blackberry bushes.
One of the things I hate about Oregon is there is a MILLION different
types of sticker bushes and they are all super invasive. Like, why
couldn’t there be an invasive type of flower that’s easy to get rid
of, rather than a dang sticker bush. I swear, Oregon is like when the
wicked witch cast the spell of the thorny rose bushes for miles around
the castle in Sleeping Beauty. Everything here wants to poke you.
Goodness gracious. I got stuck so many times. Anyways, Saturday we
pulled up ivy and blackberry bushes in the mud in a park for like 4
hours and after we went to eat at a Mexican place that a member owns
after with all the missionaries in our district. So since we got
Mexican food, it made getting stuck with briars not so bad.

But other than that we spent like half the week at Jiffy Lube and at
Les Schwab getting our oil changed and tires rotated. Both places were
super busy and we had to sit there and watch crap like Wendy and The
Real and The View. It was awful. I pray I never have to do that again.
But that was really our week.

We’ll do something super crazy and interesting this week so I’ll have
some good stuff to write about next week. Anyways, I love y’all! Have
a good week!

More puppies
Dogs we helped wrangle


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