Zone Conference and Missionary Broadcast: Transfer 4, Week 4‏


Hey everybody! I hope everybody has a good week! We were super busy
this week at meetings and stuff.

So on Wednesday we had a worldwide missionary broadcast from Salt Lake
where the general authorities talked to us about missionary work and
they basically went over all the different points in Preach My Gospel.
Some of it was a little repetitive and stuff we’ve been hearing all
our mission, but the other part was super helpful, and hopeful I can
take some of the stuff I learned and apply it to the missionary work
that we’re doing! On Wednesday nights we eat with the English wards
and we had dinner with the guy that basically built the Portland
temple. He’s the brother of our branch clerk and he’s a really awesome
guy. I’m super grateful for the opportunity that I get to meet all the
different cool people out here!

Thursday we had a zone conference and it was totally an accident that
it fell on the day after the missionary conference, because we
basically talked about the exact same thing that we sat in a 2 hour
broadcast on the day before for. But it was cool to see all my friends
from other zones and other areas that we don’t get to see much. After
zone conference we drove to Mollala (30 min drive) and ate with some
members and then went to play indoor soccer with the kids from the
branch at the church. It was fun and I’m super out of shape.

We went tracting the other day and found a house that has a
confederate flag out in the front, so I can testify that there are
good people here.

Our roommates moved out the other day! We were super sad because we
were really starting to get used to them and we were having fun with
them. Now it’s just me and Buhler here. It was starting to get super
crowded here, but it was fun to live with other elders.

Saturday we had a regular day and then had dinner with Kreitel for his
birthday here in OC. He’s still my favorite comp because we had so
much fun together when we were comps. But it was super nice to see him
and also the Sopers.

But it was a good week! Hope everybody is doing well!

Love y’all. See y’all next!


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