Turning Point: Transfer 4, Week 6‏

Elder Buhler and Elder Davies
Last lunch together as a district
Elder Cepeda, I and the best family in Oregon City, the Chavez.
Hitting the driving range on PDay

Hello Everyone! Hope everybody is doing well! So I titled this email
the way I did because though a lot of reflecting and a series of
different events, I have realized that there are some things I need to
change and turn around about my mission thus far.

So last week was a fairly good week, I would say. We didn’t have as
many lessons as I would have liked, but I really do feel like I
learned and grew a lot this week. Tuesday we were going to have our
weekly Book of Mormon class that we usually have, but we found out
that nobody was going to be able to come, so we ended up not having
it. So instead of our class, we decided to work and go visit some less
active families in our branch that need help getting back into church
and read scriptures and stuff. After that, we went and played
volleyball at the stake center like we do every Tuesday (I’m getting
really good, so watch out Misty Trainer). On Wednesday we had to go to
Tigard (30 minutes away) to go to a doctors appointment for Elder
Buhler and that took up a big block of time out of the middle of the
day, but it was alright. However, afterwards, we went to go see a guy
named Jim. Jim is a older gentleman that is neighbors with our branch
clerk and he recently lost his wife and he’s going through a tough
time. Jim is a great guy and he was a math and computer teacher for
several year here at a school in Oregon City. He’s really kinda lonely
and he LOVES it when we go to visit him. He’s got a ton of great
stories and I really love chatting with him and just listening to him
tell stories. He also has a lot of faith, and is very receptive to the
Plan of Salvation and we’ve been trying to slowly work in other gospel
topics as we’ve been talking. He’s awesome and I really love him and
want to see the gospel bless his life.

Thursday. Here’s where the mood begins to change a little. Thursday we
had a meeting with all the Spanish missionaries in the mission about
how we aren’t doing so hot right now and how we need to step it up as
Spanish and do better. Our mission president lovingly, but firmly told
us that we need to change our attitudes and change our current
strategy so that we can be more successful as missionaries. After the
meeting, Elder Cepeda came on exchanges with me and did a lot of
talking about the meeting and such. It was very nice and relieving to
be able to talk openly with him, because he’s one of my best buddies
out here and he’s real and genuine and a good guy. But through our
talks and the meeting, I realized two things. One, that I haven’t been
the most hard working or obedient and two that I’m very dissatisfied
with the results of my efforts. On my mission, I have become
complacent and okay with being average. I have been okay with people
when they tell us they aren’t interested or aren’t reading or praying
or anything, but I’ve been disappointed by the number of investigators
we have progressing. And at first I blamed it on my situation and my
former companions and how I was trained, but really all I have to
blame is myself. It’s my fault that I have become complacent and it’s
my fault that I haven’t been more obedient or hardworking. And I want
to change that. I want to change that so badly. I want to see the
gospel bless people’s lives. I want to see the joy people get when the
read the scriptures or pray or come to church. I want to be a good
missionary, but to do that I have to change. And I realize that. So
from now on, I have decided I’m not going to be like that anymore. I’m
gonna be a hardworking obedient missionary, who actually changes
people’s lives. I’m not gonna be embarrassed or ashamed of who I am or
of the gospel. I’m going to be bold and loving and I’m going to do
what I’m supposed to do. I’m gonna be a good missionary from now on
and work hard.

On Saturday we were supposed to get transfer calls but they didn’t
come on time, so we were a little freaked out because we didn’t know
what was going to happen. We had church Sunday and had fast and
testimony meeting and we saw miracles. As a companionship, Elder
Buhler and I fasted for a family, so that the parents would get
married and stop dragging their feet so they could get baptized and
they came to church. It was amazing. We also got to hear about the
Super Bowl, and I’m super sad the Panthers lost (#KeepPounding), but
there’s always next year. Sunday night we also got transfer news.
Elder Buhler is leaving OC and he was very sad to leave because this
is literally the best place ever and I’m staying and I’m getting my
trainer and former companion again, Elder Mugleston. At first I felt
super deflated and a little disappointed, because it never happens
that you go back with a former companion, and never your trainer, and
we didn’t get along the best when we were together. But since then,
I’ve had a better attitude, and this is gonna be a great transfers.
We’re gonna work hard and be obedient and do some miracles here in OC
and I’m excited.

I love you all and hope y’all have a great week!

Love, Elder Davies

Elder Cepeda, I and the best family in Oregon City, the Chavez.
Hitting the driving range on PDay
Last lunch together as a district
Elder Buhler and I


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