A Whole Day of Service: Transfer 5, Week 2

Palmetto tree

Hello everyone! I hope y’all had a great week!

So every week, we try to do at least 10 hours of service (we add the
service together, so if we both do an hour of service we report it as
2 hours because I did an hour and my comp did an hour) and we try to
all of it for the community. Back when I was in Milwaukie, it wasn’t
very rare if we got zero hours and we only hit 10 like once. Since
we’ve been in Oregon City, we do regular community service every week
and we usually get about 4 or 5 and that’s what we get. This week,
however, we got 24 hours of service !!!!!! We did like a whole day of
service and it was awesome!

Last week for Pday we went down to Mollala to have a cook out with a
lot of the other Spanish missionaries at the Salazars (super awesome
family in our branch that loves the missionaries, and we love them).
It was awesome to see all the other missionaries and also hang out and
have a barbecue with them. It was a lot of fun!

Tuesday we had a regular day. We went to district meeting, and went to
go find some people, but we didn’t end up finding anybody that was
interested. That night we played volleyball and that was the day.

Wednesday morning is when all the work started. So we have an
investigator family, Alejandro and Monica, who have been living in a
hotel for the past two months because their apartments got condemned
and they have been looking for a house. At first, they were going to
move out of the area and out of the mission so we have been praying
that they would find a house here in Oregon City. By a miracle, they
found a house here in OC, so they are gonna stay, but they needed help
moving their stuff from their hotel and a storage unit to their house.
So all Wednesday morning we helped them pack some of their stuff from
the hotel and then we went to the storage unit to help them load all
their stuff to a moving truck and then helped them unload at the
house. That took all of the morning and that afternoon we went out
contacting people. We were on exchanges, so I was with an English
missionary, and I didn’t take him anywhere too Spanish, so we ended up
only talking to a few people.

Thursday morning we were doing our regular morning studies and Monica
called us and said “Hey we need help unpacking and doing stuff. How
quick can y’all get here?” So we ran over as fast as we could and we
went and helped them unpack and get everything organized. That took
all of the morning again, and we had lunch and left. That afternoon we
visited a couple people, had to drive to Mollala for dinner and then
drive back to OC, and when we got back we went to go visit Alejandro
and Monica and we actually sat down with them in their new home and
taught them a lesson. It was an interesting lesson because we had the
English sisters there that have been teaching them in the past, and
they were talking in English and we were talking in English and
Spanish and translating for the sisters and it was fun because the
lesson was half English and half Spanish, but we all felt the spirit
and we were all able to understand. We were teaching the lesson about
the Doctrine of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, confirmation,
enduring to the end) and Alejandro stopped us when we got to baptism
and he said “What do I need to do to get baptized?” and it was awesome
because he has the faith and the desire to learn and grow and were
super excited for them.

Friday morning we went to go do the service we do every Friday, which
is going to a community service center in Clackamas (where I was
serving before here) and we were making food boxes and organizing food
and goods for people that are homeless. We do that every week for two
hours and it’s been a really humbling experience to realize how
grateful I am for everything I have and realize how good I have it!
Thanks Mom and Dad, y’all the best. So we worked at the service center
for a bit and then we came back and went knocking. Nothing too crazy,
good or bad happened, so it was just a regular knocking experience.

Saturday morning, all the missionaries in our stake went to a service
project in West Linn (northwest of OC) and we volunteered at a park
beautification project where we were cutting down blackberries bushes
and pulling up invasive ivy from the forest. It was fun, but hard work
and we worked all morning and then came back and ate lunch and changed
and stuff. Then we had to drive to Mollala to eat an early dinner with
the Salazars, who are awesome and they make awesome food. When we got
back to OC, it was kinda late and we tried to visit people, but they
didn’t like us trying to visit at night on a Saturday so we didn’t
have much luck.

Sunday we had a normal day! I love Sunday’s because they are always
the best and I learn and grow so much! Sunday night we also visited
José, who has been investigating the church forever but can’t get
baptized because him and the lady that he’s living with and has an
entire family with aren’t legally married. So we’re really trying to
get them, going and help them work towards that. We had a good lesson
Sunday night, and decided to just start over and teach the Restoration
again, because it’s so important to kept being reminded of what
started the whole thing, which was the Restoration and the First
Vision. It went really well and hopefully they start to get things
going to get married soon!

But that’s it for me! This week we collectively did a day of service
and it was a lot of fun! We definitely kept busy. It makes me thing of
Mosiah 2:17, which says “And behold, I tell you these things that ye
may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of
your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.” It’s so
important to serve others and help them, because when we do we are
demonstrating our love for our fellow men and our Heavenly Father! So
this week try to find someone to do service for and do it! It feels
awesome when you are helping others. Anyways, love y’all! Have a great
Elder Davies


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