Slow Week: Transfer 5, Week 4‏

Donald Trump pinatas

Bienvenidos a todos! Gracias por leyendo mi carta cada semana, y lo
siento, pero la carta por esta semana será un poco corto porque no
mucho pasó esta semana.

Welcome to everyone! Thank you for reading my letter every week, and I
am sorry in advance because the letter for this week will be a little
slow because not much happened this week.

Basically all we did this week was knock doors. On Tuesday Elder
Anderson went to a funeral with some English elders, so I was stuck
with some other English elders and we went and did service for a guy
that cut down a tree and cut of all the limbs, so we picked all of
those up and we stacked the logs and it was a good time. Wednesday we
had to go to the mission office to go turn in some reports, and it was
the first time I had been to the office. Everybody had promised me it
was a super magical place and they were right. But it was pretty much
just a regular office, but with a bunch of snacks so that’s what made
it so wonderful. That night we had a lesson with some of our recent
converts, Doris and Camilo, about the Word of Wisdom and they are so
amazing. Camilo is the amazing mulleted man, and they are awesome.
They were just baptized in like November and they are SUPER strong in
the gospel. Thursday we went and did service in the morning for a
community center that takes a lot of donations of everything and sorts
clothes and toys and shoes and etc and gives them to kids in need. It
was really awesome to help them do their work and it was really great
to know that we were helping kids in need. Thursday in the afternoon
had a Zone Meeting all afternoon where our mission president and the
AP’s came and talked to us about how important it is to make goals and
make plans and how we can effectively implement them in our missions.
It helped a lot and I am going to try to make more goals and plans so
I can be a better missionary and a better person!

Friday was fun because we go every Friday to a retirement home to play
games with all the residents.
It was really great because all the elderly folks really do get super
excited to see us and they love to talk to us and play games with us.
They are such sweet people and I’m so grateful I get to be able to
serve them every week! Later, Friday night we went to go visit another
recent convert named Jose Vasquez and Jose is the best recent convert
ever. Jose got baptized in September and since then he has read the
whole Book of Mormon, the whole Doctrine and Covenants, two complete
Teaching of the Presidents of the Church books, and Gospel Principles.
The man is an animal. And he was telling us about how he had some
Jehovahs Witnesses come and try to talk to him and Jose invited them
in and talked to them and the JWs tried to bible bash, but Jose held
his own and was spitting some fire. We told him the bible bashing
wasn’t the right thing to do because it doesn’t bring the spirit, but
it’s awesome that he has such a strong testimony and knows so much for
being such a recent convert. Jose is awesome. On Saturday morning we
had an SPC meeting with the stake leaders about how they can help us
do our job better as missionaries, and it was a really helpful and
productive meeting. Later that day we had a lesson with Anthony and
Janet and it went SUPER well. Janet is a less active and Anthony is
her boyfriend and she really wants to come back to church but is
really busy and he is investigating. We had a great lesson about the
Restoration and we read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and it
was so powerful. Anthony was talking about how he felt a strong
emotion that he didn’t know how to describe and we told him that it
was the spirit and we promised him he can keep feeling those feelings
as he keeps reading the scriptures and doing the right things. We have
a lesson with them tomorrow, so I’m really excited to see how that

Sunday was REALLY slow. Yesterday was Fast Sunday, so we didn’t eat
lunch and instead we knocked all day. We didn’t really find anybody,
but we talked to a couple cool people who weren’t interested but we’re
really know. We were very sufficiently humbled because we were fasting
and all we did was knock for like 5 hours straight, so when dinner
rolled around we were super grateful. We ate dinner with two families
last night, one named the Loo’s, who are half Hawaiian and half
Samoan, and the Tanuvasa’s, who are Samoan. So we ate well. They fixed
us breakfast for dinner so we had like 3 different types of sausages,
fried Spam, bacon, eggs, waffles and everything. We had a lot of good
food, but it was really fun to hang out with them too. Polynesian
people are just super awesome.

So that’s what happened this week! I’ve very grateful to be a
missionary and I love getting to share the gospel and talk to people
everyday. Missionary work is indescribable because you just get to
always talk about the gospel and talk to complete random strangers and
that’s always super fun. I love the gospel and I’m so glad that I get
to share it with other! Keep being awesome, fam!

Love y’all! Aloha, and adios!

Elder Davies

Trump piñatas at the Mexican market. I thought they were hilarious.
A text from one of our investigators we recently stopped meeting with 🙂


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