Temple Week!: Transfer 5, Week 6‏

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Hello everyone! Hope everybody had a great week! I had a great week!
IT WAS SUNNY !!!!! You never really appreciate the sun until you come
to Portland. It was just a good week.

Last Monday, we went to Mollala to go visit the Salazars and celebrate
Pattys birthday! She is awesome and it was really great to go back to
Oregon City and Mollala. On Wednesday, we got the opportunity to take
our quarterly temple trip. It was amazing! I love the temple. It is
such a beautiful place where we can escape the world and focus 100% on
the Lord. The presence of the Spirit in the temple is something you
can’t find anywhere else, literally a piece of Heaven on Earth. We
were eating with a member this week, and their son just returned from
Chile and he was telling us that he only got to go to the temple twice
on his mission, when he got there and when he left. So I am so very
grateful that we live so close to the temple and we have the
opportunity to go to the temple every 3 months here. It’s amazing.

On Thursday, we had a lesson with Estuardo. He is amazing. We taught
him the Word of Wisdom and he was totally into it! He has been reading
the Book of Mormon and telling us what is happening where he is
reading and he explains it better than we can! We brought the
missionary that just got back from Chile and he helped us out a bunch.
Estuardo told us that he drinks occasionally and he smokes a little,
but he promised us that he would keep the Word of Wisdom and keep
doing everything he needs to! We also set a baptismal date with him!
He told us he would be baptized on April 30th! We are so excited for
him and we are going to keep working with him and preparing him. He is
an amazing guy!

On Friday, I went on an exchange with Elder Cornwall. In the beginning
of my mission, Elder Cornwall and I served in areas right next to each
other and we hung out all the time. He is a really awesome guy and we
are super similar. He is from Las Vegas Nevada and we came out
together. He loves baseball, and he is going to go to school in
Alabama after his mission. Anyways, we went on an exchange together
and it was awesome! We both learned a lot from each other and we
worked really hard and we did some work. The rules for missionaries
say you are supposed to speak your mission language as much as
possible, and this is something I have been working on so I can learn
Spanish better, so Elder Cornwall and I spoke in Spanish the whole
time while we were on our exchange. It was fun and it helped us both
learn better.

Friday night, Elder Cornwall and I were going to teach a lesson to a
less active family and they were busy, so our appointment fell though.
But we both had the impression that we were there for a reason and
that we need to find out why we were sent there. So we knocked on some
of the neighbors doors and after about 4 or 5 doors, this lady opened
the door and almost started the cry. She told us that she has been
going some through some REALLY rough times lately and said that that
day she had been praying for messengers from God to help her find the
way and help her get back on the right path. We were stunned! We
showed her the new Easter video (#Hallelujah), and she started to cry.
She told us that the video was exactly what she needed to see and that
she was so grateful that God answers prayers and sent us. We explained
a little bit of the Restoration and then we gave her a Book of Mormon
and she told us she can’t wait to read it. We were so stoked. After we
finished talking to her, Elder Cornwall and I were SO happy and
grateful that we were able to meet her, that we decided to kneel down
in her driveway and say a prayer of gratitude to the Lord for leading
us to her. It was an amazing experience and it was a miracle like none
other I have ever seen. It was amazing.

So this week was awesome! Also, my companion told me I was talking in
my sleep, which is normal, but he said I was talking in my sleep in
Spanish. Ahahah that’s awesome. I’m so proud of myself.

Hope y’all have an amazing week! Remember: “All victory and glory is
brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and
prayers of faith” (Doctrine and Covenants 103:36). Keep praying,
having faith and working hard. Love y’all.

Love, Elder Davies

Alot of the Spanish missionaries at the Salazars

A lot of the Spanish missionaries at the Salazars



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