CONFERENCE: Transfer 6, Week 1‏

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Hey y’all! This week was SO good! Life is good.

So, last week was transfers and this week was my first week with my
new companion, Elder Young! Elder Young and I have pretty much served
in the same branch for all of my mission, so we are pretty well
acquainted with each other and are pretty good friends! We have been
working and teaching in unity and it’s awesome to have a good
companion. He is from Layton Utah and he goes home in 3 months, so I
really hope I get to kill him off. (he will be my companion when he goes home) That would be so exciting. But
yeah, we are getting along great, and we had a great week!

So there is kinda a stereotype among the missionaries here that
Spanish is lazy and we don’t do anything and stuff and I realized that
sometimes we act like we don’t care and don’t act like missionaries.
So in our branch right now we have me and Elder Young and Elder White
and Elder Thatcher. So Elder Thatcher came out with me, but he goes
home a transfer before me because he was in the Mexico MTC for 6 weeks
and Elder White came out one transfer less than me, but we go home at
the same time because he was in the Mexico MTC for 6 weeks. So the
three of us are fairly young and we have been talking a lot lately
that the Spanish elders that came before us and trained us set that
standard of laziness and not caring that much, and we want to change
it. So we have been talking a lot about our branch and how we can
improve it and how we can just be better hardworking missionaries, and
I feel REALLY good about this transfer. I’m excited.

Conference was SO good. SO good. I’m so grateful that we have a
prophet on the earth that leads and guides us in these days. When we
are talking with people, a lot of people don’t believe we have a
prophet and it’s really sad because they just don’t understand. But
conference was really good. I can’t pick my one favorite, so here is a
list all of my favorites:

Favorite Conference talks:
– Elder Renlund’s talk about how we can draw near unto the Savior and
turn towards Him, no matter how far we are, though the enabling power
of the Atonement
– Elder Bednar’s about how we need to constantly be sanctified by the
Holy Ghost and always have a remission of our sins
– Elder Ballard’s talk about family councils was REALLY good too (he
is coming to speak to us this Saturday because we have connections
– President Nelson’s talk in Priesthood about eternal families and him
sealing the two little girls he lost in the surgery he spoke about in
last conference. He also talks a lot about priesthood power. That one
is super good.
– Uchtdorf and Erying’s talks in priesthood, both about eternal marriage
– Uchtdorf telling us that even if there was a perfect girl that she
wouldn’t be into me
– Uchtdorf talking about Chewbacca
– Both of President Monson’s talks about the priesthood and about choices
– D Todd talking about fathers and the role of good fathers. So good.
– Uchtdorfs talk about rebuilding the church in Germany and how Christ
can rebuild us
– Oak’s talk about opposition
– HOLLAND was hands down the best. He always is.

So conference was really sweet. I’m so grateful for the opportunity we
get to be able to hear from those great men and women. Don’t take that
for granted.

We haven’t been able to see Estaurdo lately because he has been
traveling a lot between here and New Jersey, but we have been texting
him and he’s doing well! He’s such a good guy.

We are having a special mission conference on Saturday and Elder M
Russell Ballard is going to come speak to us, and instruct us. We
kinda have the hook up with him. All of us also get to shake his hand
and get a picture with him. This week I get to meet an apostle of the
Lord. I’m so stoked.

I’m really grateful for the opportunity we have to use Facebook in our
mission. We have the ability to reach and touch more lives and connect
with people in more ways. I’m so glad the Lord blesses us with
technology, and we can use it to further His work. It’s amazing. And
plus, I love getting to play the “which one of my friends got engaged
this week” game every time I log on 😉

I love y’all so much! I hope y’all have a great week and keep choosing
the right! Love y’all.

Elder Davies

Ponderizing scripture of the week:
“Porque he aquí, os digo otra vez, que si entráis por la senda y
recibís el Espíritu Santo, él os mostrará todas las cosas que debéis
hacer.” 2 Nefi 32:5
(“For behold, again I say unto you that if ye will enter in by the
way, and receive the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what
ye should do.” 2 Nephi 32:5)

Just call me Nephi (because I’m large in stature) 😉


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