#SpanishBranchProbs and Pageant Miracles : Transfer 6, Week 3‏


“If you truly understand the atonement and remember Gethsemane, you
will have no other desire but to do missionary work.”

“If we really had a deep understanding of the atonement we wouldn’t
have the ability to sin, because we couldn’t physically cause the
Savior any more pain… Be uncommon. When it’s hard, double down. Work
harder. He will carry you.”

The first quote is from Elder M Russell Ballard when he came a couple
weeks ago. He explained that missionary work and the atonement are
directly related to each other. They are one in the same. If we have an
understanding of the atonement, we will have the desire to share the
happy message it brings to people’s lives of repentance and

The second quote is from the Second Counselor in our mission
presidency, President Newson, who spoke to us on Friday in our zone
conference. He explained the difference in how we experience time and
how the Savior and our Heavenly Father experience it. He said that
when we truly understand what happened in Gethsemane, we physically
won’t have the ability to sin because we know we would be causing the
Savior more pain. If we know that, we will have to desire to share the
message of the gospel with others so they won’t sin or cause Him any
pain. Missionary work is a responsibility, a duty we have, not just a
hobby. No one is serving their mission for kicks. We are serving for
Him, to cause Him less pain in the Garden. Yes it hard, but if we work
hard, He will carry us.

I have been doing a lot of reflecting and pondering on that lately.
Like I said, we had a zone conference on Friday talking about working
hard and doing the best we can. I feel like that has been a big topic
lately and it has been an item I have been studying frequently in my

Doctrine and Covenants 103:36 says “All victory and glory is brought
to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of

Diligence is important, and it’s something I sometimes stink at. But
now I am striving to be better and work harder. Gordon B Hinkley said
that his father told him in a letter “Forget yourself and go to work”
and that’s basically what our Mission Presidency has been hitting on a
lot lately.

On Tuesday we had a hecka good Visitor Center lesson with the Benitez
family. We have such a wonderful opportunity to have a temple so close
(literally like 2 blocks from our apartment) and we have a Visitor
Center to use as a resource. I had never had a Visitor Center (VC) lesson
before, but the VC sisters did such a good job teaching the Benitez
family about the temple and what it represents and how families can be
together forever. The topic of eternal families is SO important and
I’m so glad we have that knowledge and comfort, to know I can be with
my family forever. The temple is an amazing place! Sister Benitez felt
the Spirit super strong and she has a desire to come back to church
and read her scriptures and do all the things is supposed to. Her
nonmember husband though is not being as cooperative, but I know the
Spirit will help us as we continue to talk with them and help them,
and he will eventually have his heart softened! He’s a really nice
guy, he just wants to stay where he is, but we want to see him move
forward so badly!

Wednesday night we taught our first English class and it went great!
We only had two people come, our two recent converts, but it still
went really well. Camilo, is the awesome guy with the best mullet
ever, and he is hilarious. He works at Taco Bell and needs to learn
English better so he can get a better job, but he is just so funny and
they are so ready and willing to learn English. It’s fun because we
struggle to speak Spanish and learn Spanish so we can talk to people
in their native tongue, and now we get to teach people our native
tongue. It’s a fun switch.

Friday we had our zone conference and saw many miracles! We had just
got done with zone conference and we were about to go visit a
potential and we decided to make a goal to get one OYM (Open Your
Mouth), basically a street contact when we talk to random people on the
street, before we got back in the car because we are really bad at
OYMing and we want to make that better. So we visited the potential
and we were walking back to the car, but we remembered our OYM goal
and turned around. We saw a lady and decided to talk to her. It turn
out that she was a member, named Debbie, of the English Ward and she
really needed a blessing, so she asked us. We wouldn’t have been there
if we hadn’t had made that goal. So we gave her the blessing and
started to leave and decided we still hadn’t had a real OYM, so we saw
another person and went to talk to them. We talked to José and Maria
for a while and we taught them a little about the Book of Mormon and
got a return appointment. After we got back in the car we prayed and
thanked Heavenly Father for the people He put in our path for us to
meet. It was a miracle! Heavenly Father is so aware of us and I’m so

On Saturday night we ate dinner with a young couple and their
brother who’s about to leave on a mission and sister who’s considering
it. We were asking the couple some questions to get to know them and
they told us that they met at the Hill Cumorah Pageant! They went in
2012 and met, but they lost contact because she left on her mission,
but they reconnected at BYU and got married. I just started laughing
because I knew it was a pageant miracle. I love Pageant and I miss it.
Eternal family start at the Hill 😉

Yesterday was the epitome of #SpanishBranchProblems. So we have our
sacrament in the relief society room of a building while an English
Ward has sacrament meeting too, and 5 minutes before we were supposed
to start the meeting the breaker blew for the lights so we had
sacrament meeting without lights. It wasn’t completely dark because we
had Windows and sunlight, but it was pretty dark. We also usually
play the hymns off of the hymns app on the iPad through an aux cord
because we don’t have a piano player, but the speaker wasn’t working
because the breaker blew, so we sang all of the hymns acapella and the
branch presidency asked me to lead at the last minute and I have NO
idea how to lead music. So I lead the acapella hymns in a Spanish
branch sacrament meeting in darkness. I love Spanish branches. I
wouldn’t have it any other way.

This week was amazing and I’m so glad to be a missionary! I love
y’all! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Davies

We went to Whichwich and I drew the plan of Salvation



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